We are so excited to share out brand new website with you all. A lot of planning and designing has been happening behind the scenes and we couldn't be happier. We wanted to make the site more user friendly, and have included all of the products we sell, ingredients, where to find what products as well as a food services section for restaurants and most importantly our very own shop page!

With just a click of a button, you can now add all of your favourite Wholecreations products in your basket and just sit back, relax and wait for it to arrive. Most of our products will now be available to you directly, including our new Posh Puds! Go have a look and let us know what you think!


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We are so excited to launch our new Dairy and Gluten Free (vegan) bites. These bites have become one of our firm favourites and can be enjoyed as a main meal or side dish or snack!


Buy Vegan Food Online | UK Delivery, Dairy Gluten Free Cauliflower Wings, Crispy Breaded bites, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper perfect as part of a meal or a tasty snack

Our Dairy and Gluten Free Cauliflower wings are deliciously crispy breaded cauliflower bites with smoked paprika and cayenne pepper. These can be enjoyed with a side salad and spicy sauce. We are also very excited about our "Beet Bites" and "Pea Pro Balls"! 

Buy Vegan Food Online | UK Delivery, Dairy Gluten Free Beetroot bites, Crispy Breaded bites, perfect as part of a meal or a tasty snack

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Finally our new coconut vegan dairy and gluten free ice-cream have hit the shelves in Sainsburys!
These 2 new little gems have been in development for what feels like a lifetime but after much stress in the Wholecreations office and a few packaging headaches they are officially safely on Sainsburys shelves! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get them to you in time for the bulk of the heatwave but have caught the tail end. 

Buy Vegan Food Online | UK Delivery
Buy Vegan Food Online | UK Delivery
The 2 new lines are coconut-based alternatives to our soya versions, which many of you may have already tried. These subtle coconut-milk based ice-cream will gradually replace our soya lines.
Rest assured all our ice-creams are made with no nasties such as glucose fructose syrups and artificial sweeteners, we use rice syrup instead. The vanilla coconut based little kings are perfect for the whole family and come in a waste line friendly 45ml mini stick, just enough to satisfy that ice-cream craving in only 112Kcals.
The Raspberry swirls cones have just enough Raspberry sauce to subtlety break through the vanilla coconut ice-cream and are popular with adults as well as fussy little simple eaters! For those of you out there who like our soya version you can still get these in Waitrose for the time being.

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The team have been all hands-on-deck prepping for the launch of our 2 new Vegan pizzas into Sainsburys!
We are very proud of these 2 pizzas, our founder Kate and ops manager Hannah are both Vegan and love getting fully involved in the development of all Vegan lines! Our roasted tomato & basil sheesy pizza and butternut squash & caramelised onion sheesy pizza have a generous covering of flavoursome Veg and just the perfect amount of Vegan cheese (the clue is in the name to our selected Vegan cheese…. Sheese!)

Buy Vegan Food Online | UK Delivery

Buy Vegan Food Online | UK Delivery
Both these pizzas are available in the frozen free from isle at Sainsburys and we are busy behind the scenes working on 2 new flavours, we would love to hear your suggestions, please let us know your ideas on FB, Insta and info@wholecreations.co.uk

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We are very excited to announce the launch of our chilled gluten free garlic baguette into Asda!

You will find it in the chilled free from bay alongside other free from products as part of Asda’s new exciting free from range expansion. The baguette is also available in Sainsburys and Morrisons in the Free from bays.
We hope you enjoy our baguette and please look out for the recipe change… It will be joining our growing Vegan portfolio! We would like to thank our regular loyal customers purchasing this baguette and reiterate that the recipe change will not compromise the taste… We actually think it has made it even tastier!!

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We had the pleasure of meeting many of our loyal fans and hearing so much positive motivating feedback at the allergy and free from show at Olympia over the weekend. It’s moments like this that make it all worth it, we spend much of our time in the Kitchens and behind the scenes in the office making new products and getting them into the market and on the shelves. So it’s amazing to have these opportunity to get out and meet the people who are buying our creations.


    We value all your comments & suggestions, nothing you say falls on deaf ears! We planned to cook up our new Vegan pizzas for you all to try but unfortunately our delivery didn’t show up and despite 5000 phone-calls to get them in in time, we were left pizza-less, all was not lost as we cooked up thousands of our gluten free garlic baguettes and Naan breads (found in the chilled free from bays of Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons & booths) as well as our melt in the middle posh puds and cookie dough, which appeared to go down a treat.

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