Kate Barrett

We had the pleasure of meeting many of our loyal fans and hearing so much positive motivating feedback at the allergy and free from show at Olympia over the weekend. It’s moments like this that make it all worth it, we spend much of our time in the Kitchens and behind the scenes in the office making new products and getting them into the market and on the shelves. So it’s amazing to have these opportunity to get out and meet the people who are buying our creations.


    We value all your comments & suggestions, nothing you say falls on deaf ears! We planned to cook up our new Vegan pizzas for you all to try but unfortunately our delivery didn’t show up and despite 5000 phone-calls to get them in in time, we were left pizza-less, all was not lost as we cooked up thousands of our gluten free garlic baguettes and Naan breads (found in the chilled free from bays of Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons & booths) as well as our melt in the middle posh puds and cookie dough, which appeared to go down a treat.